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Local Dexter Beef

The Blackmore Vale Butchery are proud to be part of the Dexter Cattle Society and are now sourcing some of the most fantastic Pedigree Dexter Beef to wholesale and retail from our butchery depot.

Why Choose Dexter Beef …? The Breed is early maturing. Beef of excellent quality and flavour with good marbling can be produced when totally grass fed.

The Beef produced by Dexters is a "traditional" type, with a greater level of fat "marbling" than is seen is supermarket type of beef. It also tends to be darker, partially as result of the breed and partly as the carcass is properly hung to produce a tender and better flavoured meat

· Fine grained                                                                                                             

· Good intra muscular fat or marbling                                                             

· Smaller cuts                                                                                                             

· Tender and tasty guaranteed                                                                          

· Finished using no chemicals

· A side fits in the average freezer    

They are transported to the abattoir in the most stress free manner possible, for slaughter the next morning.
Carcasses are then hung for a minimum of 28 days but we prefer longer, before being cut and packed to individual customers requirements by our "Master butcher".
Some of our customers share sides of Dexter beef, when they have small families.  But all agree the beef is delicious and tasty.  

Please call our shop on 01747 838881 for more detail


Fine Dexter Forequarter cut ready for packing

Dexter Short Rib 


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