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The Local Butchery Collaborative

The local butchery collaborative was formed by The Blackmore Vale Butchery in the late summer of 2010. The collaborative scheme was formed after considerable research showed that a significant demand for a specialist butchery in the Dorset area for small holders and farmers who sell direct to the consumer. These producers required a service where they can send their livestock to be butchered, packed and labelled to their own specific requirements,ready to be sold at farmers markets , farm shops, in box schemes or through on line sales. The Blackmore vale butchery service offers and delivers the attension to detail giving our customers the best possible service along with support in selling their reared livestock direct from the farm.
Our butchery business chose to form a collaborative scheme that has been developed through research carried out with our producers customers,many of whom see our current service as a vital continuation and success of their business that they happily agreed to financially invest in the scheme.
In September 2010 The local Butchery Collaborative put forward a project and funding application to help local producers by installing a brand new state of the art maturarion chiller that uses Ultra violet disinfection system that aids in the natuaral hanging of beef and mutton carcasses. The UV system has helped improve carcass waste by limiting the amount of waste that is trimmed off each carcass during the maturation stages and in turn improving the final product.

In October 2010 Sowing seeds a local funding body for rural development granted the Local Butchery Collaborative a grant to help carry out works on installing the new system so that the local farming community could benefit from the service for many years to come.

In December 2010 and early parts of 2011 work was carried out on installing the new chiller and UV system and has now been in use for several months.

The Blackmore Vale butchery would like to say a big thankyou to all of its Collaborative members including financial support from

 Sowing seeds 


The Local Butchery Collaborative members

-        Cools Farm Grass fed Beef
-        Cedar Organics
-        Carosel American Diner
-        Jim Primrose
-        Heather Royle
-        Virginia Flower
-        Bella Spurrier
-        Sarah Fineman
-        Amana Freeman
-        Mrs Avery & Mr Cherret
-        Jane & Angus Mann

Also a big thankyou to all of those who have supported The Blackmore vale butchery throughout the project

Blackmore Vale Butchery providing a quality service to be able to secure the sustainability of local farming businesses for the future

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