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We Offer competitive rates to slaughter and butcher you own livestock.You can choose from a selection of cuts which include roasting joints/steaks/chops/mince etc all of which is professionally prepared in our registered cutting room with on site chillers.We offer a range of packaging and labelling for those who sell there meat at farmers markets etc.

We Have 2 Dedicated Multi Award Winning Butchery's that offer a bespoke butchery service to all small holders and farmers in the South West. 

For prices on our award winning services please 

Call our Dorset Butchery on 01747 838881
Call our Somerset Butchery on 01458 272777

Alternatively email - 

 We are currently using nine abattoirs in the Somerset/Dorset/Wiltshire area for private Slaughtering.
C & S Meats Holnest Sherborne
( Cattle upto and over 48months / Pigs / lambs / Goats / Alpaca)
Strap Orchard abattoir / Crofts in Wincanton 
(Cattle upto 30months / Lambs & Goats)
A C Hopkins Creech st Michael Taunton
(Pigs / sows / Lambs)
Snells abattoir in Chard
(Cattle upto 48months & over / Lambs / Goats / Pigs)
Clarke's Abattoir Six Penny Handley
(Cattle upto 30months / Lambs & Goats)
Frome Abattoir (Heritage)
(Cattle upto 30months / Pigs / Lambs)

STILLMANS abattoir Taunton 
(Cattle / Pigs / Lambs) 

S J Normans & Son abattoir Bridport Dorset
( Cattle / Pigs / Lambs & Goats ) 

H.F. Stiles & Son Ltd Abattoir in Bromham Wiltshire
(Cattle / Pigs / Lambs & Goats )



We are Organic registered with the Soil association therefore we can process your Organic stock!


State of the Art Hanging Chillers



Lamb butchered and packed freezer ready and packed into presentation box

Other types of packaging and labelling are available including vacuum packing / shop labels with your name/farm address/prices/weight/sell by date/full traceability for beef etc and also over wrap trays and presentation boxes. 

Wessex Butchery , Unit 4 Wessex Buildings , Somerton Business Park, Somerton TA116SB


Call our shop on 01747 838881 for more information.
    We are also running the Eblex   
       beef / lamb box scheme
                     The blackmore vale butchery
                  Dorset / Somerset / Wiltshire butchers

                  THE KEEN MEAT COMPANY LTD
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