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Clinger Farm Suckling Pigs now available

Clinger Farm is based 3 miles away from the Blackmore Vale Butchery , there Gloucester old spot pigs roam around in their huge pig pen, free to roam around foraging for mushrooms, acorns and maybe even truffles. You can't beat the flavour of these pigs, especially when we do our signature suckling pig, it can't be beaten.

Roasted suckling pig makes an impressive table centrepiece. Surround it with vegetables, put an apple in the mouth and have a banquet! Placed on a spit over a pit of charcoal, it will be the highlight of any barbecue. This is the whole suckling pig

For more information on Clinger farm Suckling Pigs please call the butchery on      
                   01747 838881 
(please give a least 10 days notice before ordering so that we can arrange for your suckling pig to be ready in time for your event)
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